About Us

The Charming Squire offers bar, restaurant and function facilities in a modern setting.

The Charming Squire

The Charming Squire brings to life the story of the original charming rogue, James Squire. With a venue design that evokes a sense of history and storytelling, an inspired menu and the full range of James Squire craft beers and ciders on tap, The Charming Squire is the sort of bar James himself would have loved to drink in.

Developed in partnership with Brisbane’s renowned hospitality group, Mantle Group, and ideally located in Brisbane’s thriving cultural South Bank precinct (next to South Brisbane train station), The Charming Squire is the perfect place for a fun night out, a special function or a casual catch up over lunch or dinner. It’s also a working James Squire brewery where you can get acquainted with the brewing process as you explore the James Squire craft beer range, all the while enjoying delicious dishes designed to complement the flavours of the beers.


James Squire is the OG brewer who turned his convict past into a flavour-packed journey. From sneaking sips to crafting Australia’s first brews, his hustle was as bold as his brews were. With a knack for risk-taking and a taste for adventure, Squire went from dodging the law to mastering the art of beer-making. His story isn’t just history – it’s the hustler’s spirit that inspires us today, where every sip of James Squire is a nod to his legacy of boldness and flavour.